Travelling through Africa

A continent of many wonders, Africa offers a chance to experience many stunning and wonderful destinations. Journey in Style has been arranging packages to many of the best locations in the finest African countries for many years and is proud of its reputation as a market leader in African travel. The contrast between the various options could not be greater, as this is a land that has many different attractions. Take South Africa, a country with some of the world’s most spectacular cities such as Johannesburg and Cape Town, and one where you can enjoy wonderful weather and superb cuisine at any of the south african holiday destinations.

Then there’s the wild and wonderful Botswana with its stunning desert and amazing traditional towns, or glorious Malawi with the vast lake that bears its name. Each of these can be visited on packages through Journey in Style, who are more than happy to arrange an itinerary that is tailored to you. For the best beaches in the world and some true exotic locations try Mozambique, where the wonderful islands are as tranquil and relaxed as can be, or you may prefer to head to Kenya and the superb game reserves and stunning Great Rift Valley.

Africa has yet to become overrun with tourists so now is the time to take a holiday in beautiful Mauritius or enjoy an exclusive gorilla safari in amazing and mysterious Rwanda. There is so much variety in Africa that you cannot fail to find something to inspire you, and you may be surprised at how affordable it has become. For the very best deals on African travel you need to talk to Journey in Style, the leading name in packages to the most popular and exclusive African resorts, and one that promises the best rates on your amazing dream holiday.