Places to Visit Near Melbourne – Mornington Peninsular

Are you looking for somewhere to visit that is beautiful and within an easy drive of Melbourne? Perhaps somewhere to spend a romantic break or family holiday without having to travel too far? About an hour’s drive from the city is Mornington Peninsular, and it feels like it’s a world away from, the hustle and bustle of daily life. Oh My Goodness, the popular online guide to healthy living and things to do in Melbourne, features a great article on what to do and where to go when visiting Mornington Peninsular, and it will inspire you to pack the car and leave right now!
As the article explains the region is home to many beautiful places, but the author singles out the pretty and friendly town of Flinders as one of the highlights. A list of restaurants, cafes and bars gives you a good choice of cuisine, while the section on what to do shows you just how unteresting this wonderfuk place can be. The hot springs are amazing and the local wine trail geat fun, while horse riding and other activities are also popular. This is a relaxing place where you can choose to do things at your own pace.
Oh My Goodness is an excellent resource that is at once educational and interesting, with well-written articles such as the one on Mornington Peninsula plus guides to restaurants and cafes in the city itself and much more. The wonderful imnages in the article inspired us to search through Oh My Goodness for information on other places to go, and there is plenty of reading material to keep you occupied here. For more information on where to stay and how to enjoy a break at Mornington Peninsula check out, and we are sure you will come back for more.

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