Need a Deep Clean? You Need Extreme Clean!

Stellenbosch is a very popular university offering a wide variety of courses, and finding accommodation close by makes things much easier for students. Ink Studios is a superb, fully secure block with a choice of well-appointed apartments, each designed especially with student life in mind. Each comes with a neat outdoor area, is fully furnished and equipped with all necessary amenities, and you will find the prices to be very competitive.

Within easy walking distance of the university, and close to the shopping centres and other facilities, Ink Studios offers a chance to enjoy sophisticated living at a sensible price, and you get Wi-Fi built in as well as large screen TV for entertainment. Choose from a variety of styles and you will be comfortable and settled for the duration, so check out Ink Studios Flats To Rent in Stellenbosch now for more information, or to book your room for your next term.

The Best Student Accommodation in Stellenbosch

apartmentsPerfect student accommodation in Stellenbosch should include a comfortable living and sleeping area, kitchen facilities, a fully equipped bathroom and, of course, a Wi-Fi connection. You get all of this – and much more – at the superbly designed Ink Studios complex, located just a few minutes’ walk from the campus and within easy reach of a wide range of shops and other amenities.

Designed specifically for student living, all studios include a study nook, outdoor balcony area and a television complete with Fire stick for added entertainment, and each is beautifully decorated in a modern and fresh style. The compound features comprehensive security, and a weekly cleaning service is also included in the cost. Check out the Ink Studios website now for more details on both standard and premium studio apartments in what must be the best such facility in the area, and book now as these are very popular thanks to excellent rates.

Great Gift Hampers from Farmhouse Co

Are you looking for an original gift idea for a friend? Or perhaps you want something to give away to your loyal clients? If so, you should check out the excellent gift hampers from Farmhouse Co, as they offer great value for money and delicious food.
catering Pretoria
You pick and choose what you want in your gift hamper Pretoria from the range of meat products, fruits and sweets, nuts, preserves and more, and you can also include a choice of wines and spirits. All is packaged in an attractive fashion, and makes for an excellent gift for any occasion.

Farmhouse Co is proud of the many repeat customers it has, and is dedicated to providing top quality food and deli products, so why not check out the website now? Get in touch with Farmhouse Co, and one of the team will be more than happy to help you find the hamper that you need.

Outsourcing Secretarial Services Saves Time and Money

Are you running a growing business and need to organise your time more efficiently? If so, you might want to consider outsourcing the organisation of your monthly board meetings or any other essential secretarial services like chartered Secretaries South Africa. Such things take a lot of time, and in many cases it is time that you could put to better use on other areas of the daily running of your business.

With many well-known clients on their books and a reputation for excellent service and professionalism, Kilgetty Statutory Services is the name you need to remember for outsourcing statutory and secretarial services in South Africa. They have offices in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town, and are ready to talk to you about any requirements you may have. Get in touch with Kilgetty Statutory Services now for the best way to outsource and save time and money in the process, and they will be more than happy to help.

Professional Tree Surgeons Glasgow While You Are On Holiday

Storms and the weather in general can leave their mark on trees, especially older specimens that may be more fragile. Broken branches left hanging can be dangerous and will need removing – and diseased or extremely damaged trees may need to be cut down – and such jobs require an expert.


If you have such requirements, or even if you need someone to provide your trees with regular care and attention in order to prolong their life, then you should contact Tree Surgeon Glasgow, the experts in the region with a full range of services on offer.

They can help with basic pruning or full scale felling, and even the problematic stump removal, and do so with the same level of professionalism and excellent prices every time. Fill in the simple online form with your details and requirements for a free no obligation quote; you may be surprised how affordable professional tree care can be.

Enjoy a Journey on the Paarl Wine Route

When French settlers, driven from their country by persecution, came to South Africa 300 years ago they chose the Franschhoek Valley as the place to continue what had become their livelihood: wine making. Many of the vineyards and estates in this beautiful part of the country – close to Cape Town – originated back then, and still turn out some of the finest wines in the world today. Visitors can take a trip on the Paarl Wine Route – as it is known – on the charming Franschhoek Valley Wine Tram, which takes you on a leisurely and enjoyable ride through the glorious valley and its vineyards.
franschoek valley
The Wine Tram is a delightful way of experiencing the sheer beauty of the Franschhoek Valley, and you can choose from one of four regular tours and get on and off as and when you wish at the various stops along the way. The stops are generally at the most impressive estates, so you can take advantage of complimentary wine tasting sessions that come with your adult ticket, or even choose to dine at one of the many restaurants along the routes. It’s a great way to spend a romantic day with your partner, or to take the family on a trip that children and adults will both savor.

The Franschhoek Valley Wine Tram is a very popular attraction so we recommend that you book in advance, and it is also the very best way of exploring this fascinating and historically important region. Whether wine is a passion for you or simply a passing interest this is one tour that you should not miss, so have a closer look at the Franschhoek Valley Wine Tram website now for more information or to book an enjoyable day out for you and all the family.

Crowd Free Beach Holidays in Stunning Mozambique

One of the problems with the best beach resorts is overcrowding; nothing is more annoying than visiting a beautiful stretch of beach in breath-taking surroundings only to have your experience spoilt by crowds. Now you’re in luck, for you will not find crowds in Mozambique like you do in other places. This charming and friendly East African country is one of the jewels of Africa, yet remains unspoilt, and here you will find some of the very best beach resorts in the world. Mozambique Travel are the experts in travel to the country with 20 years’ experience, so we recommend you talk to them for the best deals.Mozambique family holidays
Mozambique Travel can help you find the right package and specials in Mozambique for your requirements; they can arrange a Mozambique family holidays or a romantic breaks for couples and even honeymoons and weddings in some of the best locations and resorts in the country. The amazing beaches of the Inhambane Coast are regarded as among the very best, while the wonderful islands of the Bazaruto and Quirimbas Archipelagos – off the coast of the mainland and in the glorious blue waters of the Indian Ocean – offer a combination of exclusivity and luxury accommodation that can’t be beaten.
As Mozambique Travel has a great reputation and superb relationships with the best resorts they can get you the best rates, and they are experts in arranging packages that allow you to get the best out of your visit. Spend time in the charming capital Maputo where you can sample the famous local cuisine and then travel to one of the islands for a beach holiday in truly amazing surroundings – what could be better than this? Why not get in touch with Mozambique Travel right now and talk to them about your requirements, and they will be more than happy to help.

Places to Visit Near Melbourne – Mornington Peninsular

Are you looking for somewhere to visit that is beautiful and within an easy drive of Melbourne? Perhaps somewhere to spend a romantic break or family holiday without having to travel too far? About an hour’s drive from the city is Mornington Peninsular, and it feels like it’s a world away from, the hustle and bustle of daily life. Oh My Goodness, the popular online guide to healthy living and things to do in Melbourne, features a great article on what to do and where to go when visiting Mornington Peninsular, and it will inspire you to pack the car and leave right now!
As the article explains the region is home to many beautiful places, but the author singles out the pretty and friendly town of Flinders as one of the highlights. A list of restaurants, cafes and bars gives you a good choice of cuisine, while the section on what to do shows you just how unteresting this wonderfuk place can be. The hot springs are amazing and the local wine trail geat fun, while horse riding and other activities are also popular. This is a relaxing place where you can choose to do things at your own pace.
Oh My Goodness is an excellent resource that is at once educational and interesting, with well-written articles such as the one on Mornington Peninsula plus guides to restaurants and cafes in the city itself and much more. The wonderful imnages in the article inspired us to search through Oh My Goodness for information on other places to go, and there is plenty of reading material to keep you occupied here. For more information on where to stay and how to enjoy a break at Mornington Peninsula check out, and we are sure you will come back for more.

Accommodation In Swakopmund, Windhoek and Walvis Bay Namibia

There are many wonderful countries to visit in Africa, and one of the most spectacular of all has to be Namibia. Located on the East Coast with an Atlantic Ocean coastline, the desert landscapes of the Namibia and Kalahari Deserts dominate with spectacular sand dunes and vast, arid expanses, but there is much more to this gloriously beautiful place for visitors to enjoy. The capital city, Windhoek, is a fascinating place with colonial influences still evident, while the popular beach resorts of Swakopmund and Walvis Bay accommodation are the perfect places to enjoy a relaxing sun, sea and sand holiday.

Windhoek is located in the dead center of the country and is a beautiful place to visit. With superb hotels, guest houses and lodges as accommodation you are spoilt for choice, and the excellent restaurants serving delicious local cuisine are not to be missed. Shops in Windhoek are well known for diamonds and other gems at excellent prices, while the architecture itself is worth a visit. With lively bars and great cafes to visit this is a capital city worth paying attention to, and the friendly welcome is typical of the country.

Swakopmund and Walvis Bay lie close together on the coast and offer access to some of the finest beaches in Namibia. Superb resorts offering luxurious accommodation in Namibia can be found in the best locations, and the facilities here are second to none. Wherever you choose to stay you will find everything that you need close to hand, including access to some exciting and invigorating activities for all the family. Namibia is a perfect choice for a family holiday with a difference or a romantic break for a couple, so why not check out the many different accommodation options in Windhoek, Walvis Bay and Swakopmund, and book a fabulous holiday and travel Namibia one of the most amazing of African countries.

Branded gifts for traveling

Are you looking for corporate gifts to give away to prospective or existing clients? Perhaps you want something to hand out to visitors at an exhibition or launch? The problem is this: what do you choose? What sort of product would reflect the quality and reliability of your brand, and look good branded with your company name or logo? Take a look at the superb range of mobile power bank devices, part of the extensive range of corporate gift ideas at The Promo Group who are one of the market leaders in the branded goods and marketing field in South Africa.

The Promo Group has put together a carefully selected items for mobile users, including handy and rather neat solar power banks that look the part and are efficient and able, plus novelty power banks in many shapes, sizes and colours. By including your branded logo or name on these clever high-tech items you are giving away quality gifts that will be welcomed and used, rather than the more staid and unoriginal items that you often find are given away by companies at events, launches and exhibitions. The beauty of usable items is that they will get your brand remembered.

With a range of many other tech items including USB memory sticks, plus a full selection of corporate clothing, promotional products and gifts of all types, The Promo Group is well placed to handle all your requirements in terms of branding, and a free artwork service is an added bonus with every order. You also get the advantage of free delivery across South Africa, and it really could not be easier to use the online shopping service. Simply browse the site, choose the items you want and you will be guided through the process of getting your items branded – and the excellent prices on power banks will surprise you.

Let your holiday shirt work for you

In business, as in all walks of life, first impressions count, and you need visitors to your business premises to get the right first impression. This is why kitting out your workforce in branded clothing makes sense, and the only decision to make is what garments to provide. For many working practices – factories and offices alike – golf shirts are a great choice; suitable for men and women alike, they are comfortable and versatile, and look great when branded with a corporate logo or name. At Brandability, a leading player in the branding and marketing world in South Africa, you can choose from a fantastic range of quality golf shirts.

Brandability is a company that has a great reputation, and one that is committed to providing only the very best in quality work gear and corporate gifts. When it comes to golf shirts with logo you have a comprehensive choice of colours, patterns, styles and sizes, including some designs that are especially made for women. All are excellent quality items that will look superb and last a long time, and you may be pleasantly surprised at the competitive prices on offer from Brandability.

You also get the benefit of the free artwork service offered by Brandability, and you can order online using a simple and straightforward routine that will see one of the professional and friendly team call you back to discuss your branded golf shirt requirements. whatever quantity you require, be it a few or a large amount, Brandability will be more than happy to help you and will provide you with an excellent price for the entire project, so why not get in touch right now and see how they can help with your branded golf shirt requirements? They are waiting to talk to you.

Vacation in Mozambique

Where do you go for the finest beach holiday you will ever enjoy? The answer is undoubtedly Mozambique, a country with some of the best white sand beaches in the world. With the beautiful blue waters lapping at the shore and guaranteed superb weather, Mozambique is a hidden gem and one that is becoming more popular as the years roll.  Mozambique Travel is the acknowledged experts in holidays in this delightful country, and can arrange a superb package holiday for you in one of the best resorts in the country.

For many people the main attractions lie on the islands off the coast; the Bazaruto and Quirimbas Archipelago’s both offer amazing accommodation options as well as wonderful relaxing beaches, as well as snorkelling, diving and other water sports opportunities. With a choice of luxury villas and lodges in some of the best spots – and even a chance to stay on a private island in complete seclusion – Mozambique is a country of great appeal, an a friendly and warm welcome is always given. Mozambique Travel can arrange perfect mozambique holiday packages just for you including an itinerary for you that allows you to get the very best out of your stay.

On the mainland you can visit the colourful and charming capital city of Maputo, complete with is excellent Elephant Park where you can watch these magnificent beasts up close, or the amazing Inhambane Coast, considered by many to be home to the best beaches in Africa. With many charming towns and cities, and superb game reserves which are perfect for safaris, you can be certain of finding something to entertain and amaze you with your Mozambique Travel package, so why not get in touch right now and book that dream holiday in a truly exotic location? You deserve it, and they are waiting to help!

Travelling through Africa

A continent of many wonders, Africa offers a chance to experience many stunning and wonderful destinations. Journey in Style has been arranging packages to many of the best locations in the finest African countries for many years and is proud of its reputation as a market leader in African travel. The contrast between the various options could not be greater, as this is a land that has many different attractions. Take South Africa, a country with some of the world’s most spectacular cities such as Johannesburg and Cape Town, and one where you can enjoy wonderful weather and superb cuisine at any of the south african holiday destinations.

Then there’s the wild and wonderful Botswana with its stunning desert and amazing traditional towns, or glorious Malawi with the vast lake that bears its name. Each of these can be visited on packages through Journey in Style, who are more than happy to arrange an itinerary that is tailored to you. For the best beaches in the world and some true exotic locations try Mozambique, where the wonderful islands are as tranquil and relaxed as can be, or you may prefer to head to Kenya and the superb game reserves and stunning Great Rift Valley.

Africa has yet to become overrun with tourists so now is the time to take a holiday in beautiful Mauritius or enjoy an exclusive gorilla safari in amazing and mysterious Rwanda. There is so much variety in Africa that you cannot fail to find something to inspire you, and you may be surprised at how affordable it has become. For the very best deals on African travel you need to talk to Journey in Style, the leading name in packages to the most popular and exclusive African resorts, and one that promises the best rates on your amazing dream holiday.


Dream beach holiday in Mozambique

Are you looking for a holiday destination where you can enjoy stunning weather, beautiful beaches and luxurious accommodation, and at the same time avoid crowds of tourists looking for the same thing? If so, Mozambique is the place to go! Yet to be overrun by tourists like many other similarly exotic and wonderful places, the time to visit Mozambique is now, and the choice of resorts and locations is simply amazing. With Mozambique Villas, experts in travel to the country for many years, you can enjoy a holiday in either self catering or fully catered villas in quite spectacular locations.

Mozambique offers a wide variety of destinations from the glorious islands of the Quirimbas and Bazaruto Archipelagos which lie a short way off the coast in the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean, to the amazing and colourful capital city of Maputo, a historically important place with plenty to see and do, you can choose to spend your time how you like. Mozambique Villas can help you find the perfect package for your dream holiday, and at a price that is guaranteed to be the best deal of its kind.

Now really is the right time to visit this welcoming African country, and with many superb choices of resorts, accommodation and private villas Mozambique have to offer, you cannot fail to enjoy your time in this quite amazing place. With a great range of deals and packages to choose from and a chance to experience the many faces of Africa you need to talk to Mozambique Villas and their team of expert travel consultants will be able to help you book the perfect package. For more information, or to book a holiday in wonderful Mozambique, get in touch right away and book a holiday that you know you deserve in a genuinely idyllic location.

An African Adventure

Africa is a continent with many faces, one where you can experience things you will not find elsewhere. From the magnificent mountain areas to the stunning deserts you have plenty of contrast, but perhaps the most magnificent of all African landscapes is the glorious bush. This is the real, authentic Africa, where you can watch the wonderful wild animals wander in their natural environment, and you can experience it to the full at KwaMbili Safari Lodge. This wonderful lodge sits in the Thornybush Game Reserve, close to the spectacular Kruger National Park.

Your accommodation is beautifully appointed and comes in the form of fully furnished thatched villas or traditional safari tents. The restaurant serves a variety of dishes cooked by local chefs and made to perfection, with a full English breakfast available as an option. The three course dinner, often served outdoors in the fine evening weather, is a delight, and the chance to listen to the rangers telling tales of adventure on their travels around a traditional camp fire is an experience that will be enjoyed by all. This is a relaxed and friendly place where animals wander through freely, and where you can enjoy a perfect slice of Africa.

KwaMbili Game Lodge offers a genuine chance to enjoy a safari experience that is second to none, and if you wish you can take a trip into the Kruger for the full safari.  Here you stand a chance of seeing some of the most exotic and endangered animals in the world, and all in their natural and unspoilt habitat. Such a mixture of excitement and relaxation is difficult to achieve elsewhere, so why not get in touch with them right away and book that dream safari holiday you’ve always wanted? They are waiting to help with your enquiries.

Romantic Breaks with Mozambique Honeymoons

Choosing a honeymoon destination is an important joint decision, for you want this to be a special start to your new life together. Not only does it need to be a special place, but you also need to be able to afford it – budget is everything when it comes to newlyweds. At Mozambique Honeymoons, specialists in arranging honeymoon packages in one of the most beautiful of all African countries, you will find a friendly and helpful team who are experts in the best resorts and destinations, and who can find the right deal at the right price for you.

Mozambique is a place that offers many different honeymoon opportunities, and Mozambique Honeymoons have access to some of the very best in accommodation throughout the mainland and the islands. Maputo, the lively and friendly capital, lies in a superb tropical location while the beaches of the Inhambane Coast, to the North, are ranked as among the very best in Africa. However, for many people it is the wonderful, tranquil and quite beautiful islands that make the best possible honeymoon destinations that is why azura at quilalea honeymoon is so famous. The Bazaruto and Quirimbas Archipelagos, which are part of Mozambique in the Indian Ocean, really do offer a chance to enjoy an island paradise.

With a choice of private island accommodation like vamizi island honeymoon, the most exclusive and secluded option for honeymoons, or one of many excellent lodges and villas in beautiful locations Mozambique Honeymoons can find a deal and package to suit your personal needs, and whatever you choose you will get the very special ambience, beautiful weather and wonderful friendly welcome that comes with one of the most amazing countries in the country. Have a chat with one of the experienced team of advisors at Mozambique Honeymoons and see just how they can find you an affordable, special honeymoon in a wonderful place.